1. 3 Days in Lisbon

    30 Sep 2022
    Lisbon is the capital city and the largest in Portugal. In fact, it is the second oldest European capital after Athens, Greece and exploring Lisbon will take you through numerous neighbourhoods that range from lively shopping and nightlife districts to older more scenic areas. This month I travelled to Lisbon…

  2. A Few Notes on Porto

    22 Sep 2022
    Porto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon and in recent years has been recognized as one of the top destinations to visit in Europe. The core area of Porto is fairly compact and similar to Lisbon consisting of many hills, alleys, etc. It doesn’t take long to…

  3. Minimal Gear for Maximum Enjoyment

    12 Sep 2022
    I am not a professional travel photographer, but I like to travel. And when I do I like to take photos I never really started to travel much until around 2012-2013 which is pretty late for me as I was in my early 30s. I try to travel at least…

  4. How Travelling With Someone Affects Your Photography

    05 Sep 2022
    I rarely travel alone. My New York trip in June was the first time I travelled specifically to take photos. My last visit was in 2018 and this year marked my fifth time visiting New York City. Although the travel portion was not great (delays, cancelled flight, lost luggage) the…

  5. A Car Photography Light Painting Guide

    30 Aug 2022
    When light painting a car you will want to be sure you have the equipment you need. You’ll also want to have a checklist covering the exposures you need so you do not forget any. We will cover those essential exposures (as well as optional), and we will look at…

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