A person begins to enter a door in an alley in Lisbon.
A passenger jet approaches Lisbon.
A person walks on a street in Lisbon.
Facade reflection in the window in Lison, Portugal.
Man walking out of the shadows on a Lisbon street.
A person carrying by walks near the Praça do Comércio.
A man trains and boxes in a public space during sunset.
Bar Oslo bar sign in Lisbon, Portugal.
A shadow of a man on a wall in Lisbon.
Two people walk down an alley in Lisbon, Portugal.
Early morning reflections in Lisbon window.
Clothes hang outside a house in Lisbon.
Two men walk behind a building in Lisbon.
Sunset over the city of Lisbon.
Colourful umbrellas above a street in Lisbon.
A pigeon sits in silhouette on a canopy.
Three people in the arches of Praça do Comércio.
Chairs capture the light on a street in Lisbon.
A man walks by a Lisbon facade.
Colourful door in shadow.
A Lisbon tram on the street.
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